About Us

Adderall30mg.org is run by a small team of US-based health professionals. Over the last few decades, the use of Adderall has increased rapidly. Its use as a prescribed medication has increased considerably. At the same time, the misuse of this medication has increased many folds. right now there are millions of people who are using this medication without a doctor’s recommendation or supervision. Over the years we saw these people fall prey to the side effects of this medication. The sole reason why people were being affected so badly is that there was no platform offering them all the right information in one place.

So we compiled all the data and research so that we can make it available to the public. It was all collected and then narrated in the simplest possible words so that everyone can understand the benefits and drawbacks of Adderall. We are here to help you in every possible way.

If your child as ADHD and you wish to use Adderall but have questions we are here to help.

If someone has used Adderall and developed a dependency (Adderall Addiction) we are here to help.

In case you are confused about the side effects and safety of Adderall, we will help you understand.

If you think the pills that you have are fake we can help identify them for you.

No matter what you need help with, if it is related to ADHD or Adderall we are willing to help you.

Offering help to anyone in need free of cost, that is what we offer.